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Since taking TheorySprints, I have more confidence in myself as a designer.

I went through courses on Udemy, Lynda, etc., but you don't see the thought process. That's the big thing that differentiates this course.

Daniel Marek

Get better at doing the work you love. Learn to create the important, beautiful design you know you are capable of.

Gain confidence in your design skills

Earn respect as a designer

Earn freedom to do your best work

Create beautiful, insightful design

Get better clients and design gigs

See others benefit from your work

Learn the right things at the right time in your design career

0 Years

3 Years

6 Years

9+ Years


New & Junior Designers

Mid-Level Designers

Senior Designers


Finding a Job and/or Clients

Manage a Team

Learning Design

Get Paid More

Get Better Job and/or Clients

What You Don't Realize is Holding You Back

Your Work Isn't Good Enough

You Fail to Communicate Clearly & Set Expectations

You Aren't Reliable and/or Consistent


Master Fundamentals & Craft

Learn to Direct the Design Process

Practice to Improve Your Portfolio

Learn Advanced Techniques

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Course One

Master the fundemantals and learn to create incredible visual design from scratch.

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Course Two

Go crazy learning design without going crazy

Many new designers end up feeling lost and frustrated because they are being taught advanced topics before they're ready. And more senior designers are left to figure out challenging skills like dealing with clients and managing projects completely alone.

Proximity School will teach you the skills you need, when you need them. We are designers too, and we've faced the same challenges you are right now. Wherever you are in you career, we know the obstacles you face and we can help you move past them and get back to doing the work you love.

Learn How We're Different

See others appreciate and benefit from your designs

Being a designer should make you feel like you’re a superhero, but some days you feel like a supervillain from the toxic way people react to your work.

Design is incredibly valuable to business, culture, and tech. Design is important.

But getting non-designers to understand that and follow your advice can be a monumental challenge.

We’ll teach you how to build appreciation and respect for design in the people you work with, like your clients, boss, coworkers, and other stakeholders in these ways:

  • Master design principles so you can explain why you design things the way you do (backed by science!)
  • Wrangle your design process and escape inspiration’s stranglehold on your productivity, so you can become more predictable and reliable, which earns trust
  • Direct the design process and handle tricky feedback, so you can defend your work and deliver the best version of your design uncompromised

Browse Our Free Design Guides

The course lit a fire inside me that has been missing and dormant for too long.

JJ Hiller

The course is helpful, especially the video demonstrations that show how principles work.

Ann Tai

Start Learning Design with Course 1: TheorySprints

Learn to create incredible visual design from scratch

TheorySprints is the first course at Proximity School, for new designers and anyone who needs a refresher in design theory. You’ll learn the key visual design principles every designer needs to master, but the difference from other ebooks and courses is that TheorySprints will teach you how to actually use those principles through detailed demonstrations and practice projects. You won’t just learn definitions and abstract theory, but you’ll learn how to apply design theory in your own work.

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