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Overcome the bad parts of being a designer.

We designers all hit the same rough patches. Those times when you run out of ideas and lose confidence in your work. Or when you lose a client and struggle to get hired again. You work hard for more respect, but the methods feel like selling out.

Proximity School will help you overcome the hard parts and get back to doing the work you love.

Objective Creative Design Bootcamp

Free Design Bootcamp

Learn to succeed as a designer without compromising your creative vision.

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Online Course

Get a design school education in 9 days.

Regain confidence in your design work.

Do your designs end up different from what you picture in your mind? Feeling unsure of how to improve your work? If so, it’s likely you missed learning aspects of design theory.

TheorySprints is an online course that will teach you design theory and process in 9 quick learning sprints. You’ll regain confidence in your abilities and get back in action quickly.

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