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Opportunities to do your best work feel rare. Clients and stakeholders force you to make silly changes to your designs and you just want to break free from them all and find a better kind of client or job where people appreciate what you do.

Getting paid for your design services and fulfilling your creative vision at the same time feels almost impossible. What your clients want and what you want seem like complete opposites.

So you feel you either have to sell your soul and compromise your vision to get paid, or live like a virtuous but starving artist.

Objective Creative is a mini bootcamp to teach you how to get hired as a designer without selling your soul to the devils of commerce.

You’ll learn about the hidden factors limiting your success as a designer, how to overcome them, and how to show others the value of your work—without making compromises.

Bootcamp Lessons

  • Day 1. What to do when you get stuck
  • 2. The secret to becoming a great designer
  • 3. Why designers don’t get hired
  • 4. How to create a portfolio that gets you hired
  • 5. How to know if your portfolio is good enough
  • 6. How to become a better designer
  • 7. What top designers do differently
  • 8. You don’t know design theory
  • 9. Secret gift (Shhh!)

Student testimonials

Very thorough and gives real-life work examples that put everything into perspective.

KB, bootcamp student

Design theory is very important and this mini bootcamp solidifies this with facts in a very short time span and without technical jargon.

Samuel, bootcamp student

It made me step back and observe what I’ve been doing. All the information provided is great and success will be a consequence.

Chris, bootcamp student

This was a great refresher to many of the things I have learned throughout the years as a student and professional designer. It’s good to be able to go back to some of there core concepts and principles of design. I learned that as a designer, I must never stop practicing. To be great as a designer is a learned skill and I can always be much better than where I am now creatively.

SJ, bootcamp student

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